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Website Email Scraper Features

Keyword Scans

You define the keywords and we'll ask Google for the top 30 sites related to those keywords and scan them for emails.

URL Scans

You provide one or more url's and we'll scan them for emails.

Deep Scanning

An option to allow you to scan even deeper, scan sites that link to the websites you're scanning for potentially more related emails.

Disposable Email Removal

We remove all disposabled, temporary, and throwaway emails.

Fake Email Removal

We remove emails that look like emails that are not, i.e ([email protected])

Team Accounts

Invite team members to your account and work together generating email leads.

Use Cases

Extracting Emails From Specific Websites or URLs

  • Find emails online related to a certain website or URL.
    • Lead generation for a specific niche.
  • Extract contact emails for specific companies.
    • Find a specific email contact.
    • Gather contact information for various departments and roles.
    • Once an email is found, enrich that email with data enrichment companies.

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Extracting Emails by Keywords

  • Find emails online related to a certain niche (deep scan).
    • Lead generation for a specific niche.
  • Find company email contact information in a certain niche (site scan).
    • Gather email contact information for companies in a specific niche.
    • Once an email is found, enrich that email with data enrichment companies.

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What Others Say About Us
William R Image

Online Email Extractor gets the job done. Enter url(s), press "Find Emails". Whalla, lead generation list appears. Couldn't be simpler.

Willian R Sales Manager
Chris Royale Image

I've been searching for a tool that allows you to scan by keywords to gather "niche" specific emails. OEE does the job brillantly. Very easy to use, no crazy learning curve.

Chris Royal Marketing Specialist
Javier Paez Image

I needed to find a person to contact at a specific website, I searched all over for a contact email address and couldn't find one. Then I stumbled on this website and I put the site url in and pressed find emails and I got a list of emails to reach out to.

Javier Paez Network Technician
Cindy Rein Image

I use Online Email Extractor to find contacts at different companies I want to pitch my product to for them to carry it. It's an easy and affordable way to find list, if you have a list of companies you are interesting in doing business with.

Cindy Rein Business Owner
Chris Purser Image

I been using Online Email Extractor on and off for years now, when it comes to scraping, they are the pro's at it. One time they scrapped 500,000 pages to find what I was looking for.

Chris Purser CTO - Power Sports
Adam Horowitz Image

Just create an account, it's free. You get 50 free credits to give it a try. There are so many use cases for this tool it will take forever to explain them all.

Adam Horowitz Author
Email Scraper, harvester & Finder Extracting emails from websites and URLs intelligently.


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